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Can a Trichologist Help my Hair Grow Longer?

Trichology is the science behind hair and your trichologist is an expert who can look into how to increase your hair growth and improve your hair’s condition. We’ve all seen hair adverts that show models with luxurious locks of hair that to some people seem unreachable, however, a trichologist may be able to help your hair reach its full potential and be something you’re proud to show off.

When a hairdresser isn’t enough

You can, of course visit your hairdresser for help and advice on keeping your hair looking healthy, but if you are suffering scalp irritation or hair loss, your trichologist can advise you on regular routines and action to take in order to help prevent permanent hair loss and irritation, and ultimately help you achieve the long, healthy hair you’re dreaming of.

Trichologists are not only experts on hair in general but by examination and review of your condition they become experts on your hair. They know that everyone’s hair and scalp issues are different so they do a thorough examination and ask the relevant questions to better understand your needs and how to make your hair grow better.

What your Trichologist may discover

Your trichologist will examine your hair and your scalp for any underlying conditions that may prevent hair from growing longer. An unhealthy scalp can prevent hair from growing well; and a trichologist is trained to identify issues like dandruff and bacterial conditions that may lead to serious damage or lack of growth.

Everyday damage through washing, drying and styling, especially with heat appliances such as straighteners, curlers and the blow dryer can cause hair to become fragile, thin and damaged. Even using the wrong type of brush can cause irreparable damage to your hair follicles. And, not looking after your scalp properly can lead to scalp conditions like Psoriasis or Folliculitis, which can cause inflamed and irritated skin and ultimately large amounts of hair loss.

Determining the best course of action

Your trichologist will evaluate your needs by measuring your scalps hydration, pH and sebum levels, and will device a plan to treat your scalp, including regrowth treatments. Topical medications and ultraviolet and infrared therapies can also repair a damaged scalp leading to healthier, faster hair growth. Your trichologist will then track the growth of your hair to ensure the treatment is working effectively over time.

If your scalp appears healthy, but you are still having trouble growing your hair longer, then your trichologist may highlight other health issues you should consider. Factors such as diet may play a big part in why your hair isn’t growing. Vitamins and minerals are essential for good hair growth, but your body feeds your internal organs before your hair, so you may be advised to ensure you are getting enough in your diet so your hair doesn’t suffer as a result.

Autoimmune conditions may also be the cause of stunted hair growth stunt. Your trichologist can run blood test and a full physical evaluation to help establish if you have an underlying condition affecting hair and scalp health. Your trichologist may also advice you about reducing stress levels. Too much stress can be bad for your whole body including your hair and stress-relieving exercises or other techniques can boost cortisol levels, reducing stress and ultimately boosting hair growth.

When general advice just isn’t enough, or you’re concerned about lack of growth or your hair’s condition, an appointment with a top trichologist such as those at the Wimpole Clinic can set you on a course to improve your hair’s condition, giving it every opportunity to grow better.

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