Getting a hair transplant in Turkey: Is it worth it?

If it feels like you’ve been staying at home forever and like you’d give anything for a vacation abroad, we know exactly what you mean. Nothing is quite as exciting as planning a trip, dreaming of all the amazing sites you’re going to visit, maybe buying that bathing suit you’ve had your eye on since last year… 

Ah, but as wonderful as vacation plans are, they can be expensive and leave little funds left over for other things that are important to you. While lying on a beach and sipping a cold drink out of a coconut sounds great, so does restoring your hair to its former glory. You’ve been powerlessly watching it thinning and falling out for a good while and this year was going to be the year when you finally did something about it. However, a good hair transplant can set you back a few thousand pounds, which is no trifling matter. It feels completely worth it when picturing your glorious mane waving in the wind, but it doesn’t really leave any money left for trips to far-away lands…

But what if you could do both? Taking a well-deserved vacation and getting a hair transplant in Turkey? You’d kill two birds with one stone… But is getting a hair transplant in Turkey really worth it?

Why do people consider getting a hair transplant in Turkey?

The prices for hair transplants are much lower than in the Western countries

Choosing to have your hair transplant in Turkey would likely save you between 60% and 80% in procedure costs in comparison to countries such as the US or the UK, as these interventions are far less expensive there. The technology used to perform the surgery is pretty much the same, so in theory, you should be getting a better cost-benefit ratio.

The hair transplant industry in Turkey has been heavily invested in lately

It is not by chance that Turkey has become a destination for hair transplant tourism. Many clinics in this country have invested in acquiring the same kind of cutting-edge technology that is currently used in Western clinics and can perform the latest techniques, such as FUE hair transplants. 

Convenient full-option packages 

Since Turkey has become a medical tourism destination for hair transplants, Turkish clinics have stepped up their game in order to keep Western clients coming. To this end, some of them are offering full packages which include airline tickets, hotel stay, and the cost of the procedure. This single payment spares the client a lot of trouble with securing flights and accommodation and allows them to focus on the experience. 

The destination itself is amazing

Turkey was once at the very core of the Ottoman empire, which makes it history-ladden. There are landmarks and architectural masterpieces everywhere and you never run out of wondrous sites to explore. 

Moreover, this country has been blessed with a beautiful natural landscape, including many sunny, sandy beaches around the coast of the Black Sea. Having a hair transplant in Turkey would combine a wonderful vacation and a necessary procedure. 

What’s the average hair transplant cost in Turkey?

The average hair transplant cost in Turkey is £1,500. This price is quite good, when considering that in the UK, the average cost of the same procedure is upwards of £4,000. However, it is necessary to keep in mind that the conditions offered by both countries when it comes to surgical procedures are not necessarily equivalent either.  

Things to consider before travelling to Turkey for a hair transplant

You get what you pay for 

As shown before, hair transplant costs in Turkey are significantly lower than they are in the UK. But this is often reflected in the quality of the services received. While the technology used may be similar, there is no guarantee that the medical personnel involved in performing the procedure are as qualified, skilled and experienced as those in Western countries. 

Keep in mind that Turkey does not have the same high standards and oversight in regards to healthcare as Western countries.

The cost of the trip adds to the cost of the hair transplant

While it seems very simple to make a single payment and have all the arrangements made for your entire stay, you must not forget that you are still paying for the flight and the hotel room. They are not free, or “included” as you may be led to believe, they are in addition to the cost of the procedure. 

If something goes wrong, you won’t be able to do much about it

As the results of a hair transplant take between six months and a year to become fully visible, you will have returned to your homeland for a long time before you can tell how successful the procedure was. You would likely need to take another trip back to Turkey if you are unhappy with the hair transplant results. There would also be no easy way of going in for a checkup during this time if you felt something was wrong with your new hair or scalp.

Communication barriers 

While many Turkish surgeons speak decent English, there is also the chance that the language barrier can prevent your doctor from fully and correctly understanding your needs and preferences regarding your hair transplant. And they may not even realise that they haven’t understood you correctly. At the same time, you may have a difficult time understanding the details of the surgery and the after-care instructions that they present to you.

Difficulty checking credentials

In your own country, you know exactly where to look in order to check the credentials of a surgeon or the ratings of a clinic providing healthcare services. 

However, when it comes to getting healthcare services abroad, checking credentials might turn out to be quite difficult. With little information regarding their regulating bodies, their educational system and their providers of qualifications, you may easily mistake a technician who has received a degree following a short-term course for a well-trained surgeon. 

Are hair transplants in Turkey safe?

There is no easy or one-size-fits-all answer to questions regarding Turkey’s hair transplant results and safety. That is because there are many clinics that perform such procedures and while some provide top-tier services, others offer insufficiently trained, inexperienced personnel who will often do more harm than good to your mane. 

If you choose the former, you will likely be as safe as in a well-reputed Western clinic. However, if you fall for the latter, you would probably be safer having the hair transplant at a lower-end, less expensive clinic in the UK.

In order to feel safer when getting a hair transplant in Turkey, you should always make sure to thoroughly research the clinic, the surgeon, and the technology used before booking the trip. However, your pre-surgery consultation should be what makes you decide whether to go through with the procedure or find a different provider. 

The person performing your hair transplant in Turkey would have to be an experienced and qualified surgeon (not a technician), who speaks fluent English, is able to show you an ample portfolio of his previous work and is able and willing to answer all your questions. If, for any reason,  they don’t feel like a completely safe choice to you, do not hesitate to walk away. It is better to have spent money on just a trip than to have to live with the results of a botched hair transplant.  

UK VS Turkey hair transplant

There are two major differences between hair transplants in Turkey and in the UK – the first has to do with price, the second with the assurance of quality. While hair transplant costs are undoubtedly lower in Turkey in comparison to the UK, in Great Britain you have a much higher degree of certainty that you will receive your money’s worth in terms of quality. 

That is because all clinics which provide healthcare services are much more closely monitored here and held to higher minimal standards than those in Turkey. When there is a choice between price and quality, it is always better to err on the side of safety.   

In the end, it is entirely up to you if you are willing to take your chances and get your hair transplant during a relaxing vacation in Turkey or prefer the safety of a closely monitored, well-reputed clinic in the UK. What is important is that you enter this decision well-informed and that you do all the necessary diligence to be sure that you will be treated to the highest medical standards, in order to achieve the best possible results. If you do this, then your choice, whatever it is, will be worth it.

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