The Causes of Eyebrow Hair Loss

When it comes to hair loss, not many people immediately think about eyebrow hair but it can be a very real problem.

Loss of eyebrow hair can be extremely distressing but it’s a problem which can affect anyone.

Here are a few causes which can commonly lead to loss of eyebrow hair.

Common triggers for eyebrow loss

The hair in your eyebrow is just like the hair anywhere else on your body which means that it has the potential to be affected by exactly the same things. If you consider the factors which could cause thinning of the hair on the head, your eyebrows could be affected by the same things.
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A poor diet can cause patchy eyebrow hair growth, or thinning of existing hair. Lack of protein or vitamins, particularly iron are common causes while conversely, excessive intake of certain vitamins can also cause eyebrow hair loss.

Medical conditions which cause loss of scalp hair can also trigger problems with eyebrows too. Hypothyroidism is a common cause along with atopic dermatitis, particularly for individuals who have sensitive skin.

Cosmetic shaping of the eyebrows could lead to a more permanent loss of hair with over plucking being one of the leading causes of eyebrow hair and thinning. Constantly plucking the same areas of hair within the eyebrows leads to weakening in the follicles and damage which ultimately stops hair growth.

Even make up can impact on eyebrow hair. The application of brow pencils and the rubbing when removing make up at the end of the day can have a detrimental effect when repeated over prolonged periods.

In some cases, loss of eyebrow hair can simply be due to the ageing process. As we get older our hair naturally thins, and this can be more obvious in the eyebrows compared to the scalp in some cases.


If you want to make sure that you stand the best chance of keeping your eyebrows glossy and in good condition, there’s a few basic steps you can take.

Make sure your diet is well balanced and contains sufficient nutrients and calories. When your body perceives there’s not enough of either to go around, non-essential functions such as hair growth will be shut down.

If you think you aren’t getting sufficient vitamins and minerals a supplement can help, but don’t overdose as it could make matters worse.

Emotional stress doesn’t usually cause hair loss by itself but can exacerbate any existing problems, so reducing anxiety isn’t a bad idea.

If you’re taking any drugs or medication, check the side effects as hair loss may be an unwanted complication.

If you want to alter the shape of your eyebrows, focus on shaping rather than thinning the brows too much. And when removing make-up use cosmetics which are gentle but effective, avoiding rubbing the hair too roughly.


Before you consider any treatment it’s a good idea to get checked out by your doctor to make sure there isn’t any underlying medical cause. If there is, any hair loss treatments you have may be unsuccessful so it’s essential to rule this out first.

A hair transplant can be an extremely effective way of replacing hairs lost, providing a permanent solution and a healthy appearance.

Each eyebrow requires between 250-400 hairs, and transplanted closely together and lying in the right direction, the end result is natural and smooth.

With just a local anaesthetic required, the procedure is painless and convenient and doesn’t require any overnight stay.

Providing there is no ongoing untreated medical condition, an eyebrow transplant can be an excellent solution for thinning or loss of hair.

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