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Eyebrow Transplant – Aftercare Tips

From thinning eyebrows due to age, overplucked eyebrows that won’t grow back, or a medical issue making the hairs fall out, there are a huge number of reasons why men and women get eyebrow transplants. You might not think about them too much, but your brows really define your face. That’s why eyebrow trends change regularly, with fuller eyebrows the current popular look.

Without your brows, you would look very different. That’s why many people choose an eyebrow transplant that redefines their look and restores their confidence.

If you’re interested in an eyebrow transplant, we always recommended learning as much as you can beforehand – especially when it comes to aftercare.

To help you out and make sure you get it right, we’ve put together some expert advice from our clinicians on how to treat your brows in the days and weeks after your procedure. 

What is an eyebrow hair transplant?

Before we start looking at aftercare, it’s important you have a brief understanding of what an eyebrow hair transplant involves.

It starts by removing hair follicles from another area of your body, taking them for grafts. Usually, we take between 250-400 of these tiny hairs to give you full, thick brows.

Once the grafts have been taken, they’re then implanted to the brow area very precisely and one at a time. The whole procedure will take between 2-3 hours on average.

Aftercare for your eyebrows

To get the best results and avoid any issues, it’s vital that you take care of your eyebrows after the treatment. Just like after any surgical procedure, you need to give your body time to heal. 

To begin with, avoid touching your eyebrows at all – this will help reduce your risk of infection, which you definitely don’t want! During the first day, you can spray your brows with a saline follicle spray to promote healing. After 24 hours, you can wash your face and brows gently with specialist shampoo and pat them dry.

Whatever you do, don’t rub your transplants at all during this time. This advice will be given to you after your transplant.

Around 3-7 days, the crusts where your grafts were placed will start to fall off. You can expect some mild redness after your crusts fall off, and your transplanted hairs will fall out over the next 2-3 weeks. This is totally normal!

Avoid the sun for the first month after your transplant, and if you do go out wear a hat to keep them in the shade.

Wimpole Aftercare Pack

When you have your eyebrow transplant at the Wimpole Clinic, you’ll receive a great aftercare pack with everything you need to take care of your healing brows.

We’ll give you all the information on how to look after them so you don’t have to rely on the internet (where there’s a lot of bad advice!) as well as specialist items, like shampoo, that will help you heal.

If you want to know more about eyebrow transplants, feel free to get in touch with our team! We’re always happy to help and can give you guidance on whether this is the procedure for you, as well as booking you in for a consultation to get you one step closer to the perfect eyebrows.

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