Expert Advice on Why You Might Get Rejected for a Hair Transplant Expert Advice on Why You Might Get Rejected for a Hair Transplant

If you’re considering a hair transplant, you probably have a number of questions about both the procedure itself and the results you can expect. However, one question that many people often don’t think of (unless it happens to them) – is whether they might get rejected for a hair transplant.

The truth is that not everybody will be a suitable candidate for a hair transplant, and your surgeon may advise against it or even refuse to do the procedure if they believe it’s not the right solution for you. This is why it’s so important to speak to a qualified surgeon when you are reviewing your hair loss treatment.

If you are still assessing whether a hair transplant would be the right remedy for your hair loss, the Wimpole Clinic in London Medical Director and Principal Surgeon, Dr Michael May, discusses some of the reasons why it might not always be suitable.

Why you might get rejected for a hair transplant

According to Dr May, there are usually just two factors that would cause a surgeon to reject a candidate for a hair transplant:

• When it’s not appropriate

There are a number of causes behind hair loss and not all of them are permanent. For example, stress-related hair loss can be remedied with the relevant lifestyle changes which should help your hair growth to return to normal. Similarly, if the hair loss is due to illness or a side-effect of medical treatments, it would be better to address the underlying health problem, rather than treating the symptom. In cases such as these, a hair transplant is not the appropriate solution to the hair loss.

• When it’s not possible

Even if you’re fully convinced that you want to go ahead with a hair transplant, a good surgeon will always assess your unique circumstances to determine whether the procedure would be possible for you. Not everyone has enough remaining hair to provide the donor follicles, or the remaining hair is not the right type, i.e. hair that would make a hair transplant likely to succeed. For example, if the area of baldness or thinning is too extensive, or the surgeon feels that the pattern of hair loss would soon make any transplants look unnatural, they might recommend an alternative approach.

There may also be rare occasions where a consultant would advise against undergoing even minor surgery, for health or medical reasons.

Hair transplant alternatives

For hair loss sufferers who may not be suitable for a transplant, Dr May offers some encouraging reassurance.

If you’ve been rejected for a hair transplant, or you feel you might fall into one of the categories above, the good news is that there are many alternative ways to combat hair loss and restore fuller, thicker hair.

Some non-surgical approaches to hair loss are:

  • Micro-Pigmentation: It’s possible that a pigmentation treatment, similar to a tattoo that gives the appearance of fuller hair, might be a suitable alternative to a full transplant.
  • Medication: Scientific advances have led to specialist medications that are proving to be highly effective for some types of hair loss.

Changes in the future

The technology in the hair transplant industry is developing rapidly, making procedures possible that were not viable in the past. So, it’s highly likely that new advances will open up further options. So, even if you find that a hair transplant is not currently an option for you, it may turn out that in the future it will be more of a suitable or viable option.

Dr May offers some final encouragement for those who might feel that a transplant was their only option.

While hair loss is incredibly common for both men and women, the good news is that there is a whole range of options available for restoring fuller, thicker hair and the confidence that goes along with it.

Even if a hair transplant is not a possibility for you at the moment, there are some effective alternatives available, and there is also a good chance that things will change in the future as the technology improves.


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