Am I A Good Hair Transplant Candidate?
Am I a good hair transplant candidate?

The good news is that most men, or women, with significant baldness or thinning are potential candidates for a hair transplant. However, before committing to the procedure there are a number of factors that doctors will want to take into consideration.


Below the age of 30, a person’s hair loss pattern is not fully established. Carrying out a hair transplant too early in life may mean that an individual requires multiple further procedures in the future to keep up with the pattern of loss and maintain coverage. Where a person is considered too young for a transplant, hair loss specialists will be able to suggest other effective techniques to combat the appearance of hair loss until a time when a pattern has become obvious and transplant can be offered.

Hair Density and scalp tightness

Doctors will want to look at the density of a patient’s hair before deciding the best course of action. Good hair transplant candidates need to have healthy hair growing at the back and sides of their head in order to successfully donate follicles. Ideally this hair will have a good density which is measured by the number of hairs to each follicle.

Scalp tightness is also a factor that doctors will consider when deciding your suitability as a candidate. A scalp that is too tight will be tricky to insert new follicles into and only thin donor strips may be possible.

General overall health

Although hair transplantation is only minor surgery, there are still risks involved and so being in optimum health will make it more likely that you can go ahead with treatment. Patients will routinely be offered an ECG to check the health of their heart as the procedure can be a long one and patients are exposed to adrenaline throughout which could be problematic for someone with a heart condition. Diabetic patients and people taking blood thinning medication may need a special treatment plan before they’re given the go ahead.

Hair colour and texture

If your skin and your hair are a similar colour then you are more likely to be a good candidate for hair restoration. You have better potential for coverage and fewer transplants will be needed. Curly or wavy hair is also a good indicator of success as it too offers good coverage with minimal transplantation.

If you’re wondering whether you would be a good candidate for a transplant, why not visit the Wimpole Clinic. We’d be glad to explain your condition in further detail and help you decide on the best course of action for you.

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