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Grooming Tips to Make the Most of Your New Beard

A beard transplant is one way to get the style of facial hair that you love and finally enjoy the masculine look you’ve always wanted. 

However, the transplant operation is only one part of a great-looking beard. Once the procedure is over, you will need to take special care of your investment with good grooming practices and habits.  

There are some special points to bear in mind immediately after your beard transplant, as well as some general things you can do to keep your beard looking its best in the weeks and months ahead.  

Post-transplant care

  • Keep the area dry

It’s important to not get the transplant area wet immediately after the procedure and for five days afterwards. 

  • Post-op shaving

Avoid shaving for about a week following the surgery, to allow the hair grafts to get established. Your consultant will advise on when you can shave normally. 

  • Use the right shampoo

Your consultant will usually provide you with a kit containing the right shampoos or products for a newly-transplanted beard. Make sure you continue to use the right shampoo until the transplant area has fully healed. 

  • Transplant check-up

It’s important to return for a check-up a month after your transplant to ensure your procedure has been successful and healed well. It’s also advisable to have a high-frequency laser treatment session to promote further hair growth. 

General care & grooming 

  • Basic hygiene

After the postoperative period, it’s important to practice good hygiene for both your skin and beard, washing and conditioning it regularly. You can also give it a more thorough scrub a few times a week with a specialist cleanser. 

  • Drying

After washing and conditioning your beard, gently pat it dry with a clean towel. Don’t rub or blow-dry the beard as this can create frizziness and split ends, as well as drying out your skin. 

  • Brushing and combing

Brushing or combing in a downward direction will help to train your beard and tame unruly hairs. Avoid brushing against the natural growth direction to prevent in-growing hairs. A good time to brush or comb your beard is just after showering or washing when it still holds a little moisture that will help you style it. 

  • Beard Oil

Beard oil can enhance the quality and appearance of your new beard, as well as preventing itchiness, flaky skin and dandruff. You only need to apply it once every few days unless you live in a very dry climate, in which case your beard and skin may benefit from a daily dose.  

  • Trimming

After investing in a beard transplant, it makes sense to invest in quality trimmers to keep it looking its best. Trimming techniques vary depending on the style of beard you prefer so do a little research to find out how to create the look you want. Whatever style you choose, always comb the beard in a downward direction before trimming and comb through afterwards.

  • Moustache maintenance

Keep your moustache trimmed neatly with a pair of grooming scissors. This may need attention a couple of times a week, depending on how fast your hair grows. 

  • Healthy hair

To help support healthy hair growth, make sure you take good care of yourself generally. Eating well, exercising regularly and reducing stress are all great ways to promote strong hair growth that will keep your beard looking good. 

The right aftercare and grooming are vital if you want to get the best possible results from your transplant and maintain a great-looking beard. Finding out which practices and habits work for you and your lifestyle will help you enjoy your new image to the fullest and ensure your beard always looks its best.

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