How much input can I have over the shape of my eyebrows?
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How much input can I have over the shape of my eyebrows?

Eyebrows are an important feature of the face. They add definition, but overly heavy eyebrows are too distracting a feature or too thin eyebrows can mean our face lacks the defining feature that we crave.

The ageing process, as well as over-plucking over the years, can lead to eyebrows being too thin. As a result, many people consider an eyebrow transplant as the means of adding depth and volume to their brows, once again encouraging a defining feature to their face.
But how much is too much? Should you trust your surgeon and risk being disappointed, or take control and decide the fullness and shape of your new brows?

Different Eye Brow Transplant methods

There are various methods to choose when it comes to eye brown transplant; the best method will depend not only on your budget but the reason why you need or want this surgery. For some people, it is a cosmetic treatment as a result of a trauma to the face or in some cases, it is a purely cosmetic procedure to make the eyebrow feel and look fuller and more natural.

But it isn’t a case of handing yourself over and ‘hoping for the best’. The idea behind any cosmetic process is that you, as the patient, get the results that you want.

Some clients leave the shape, style and fullness of the eyebrow to the surgical team, trusting them to create brows in depth and intensity that suit their face and features. For other people, the need to create the eyebrow that they want is the drive behind the process.

This means you can control the shape of your new brows within the process of eyebrow transplants. But you will need to work all this out with your surgeon or clinical team beforehand.

Requiring no more than a day, the process of creating lush, full brows starts with harvesting and ‘growing’ eyebrow hairs and then, in a process that is simple, replanting them in your natural eyebrow line and defined shape.

A Natural and Full Look

Under local anaesthetic, you won’t feel a thing and recovery time is quick too. The newly implanted eyebrows can feel sore for a few days but within no time, your brows will look full and lush.

The full effect takes a few months but if you want fuller, shaped eyebrows that suit the shape and contours of your face, why not speak to the professionals here at the Wimpole Clinic, who will be happy to talk to you further if you’re considering an eyebrow transplant.

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