Hair Loss Sufferers To Take The National Stage
Hair loss sufferers to take the national stage

As a woman, losing your hair can mean much more than a change in your appearance. A woman’s hair has much more of an emotional tie and losing it can lead to great distress. Many women associate their hair with sensuality, personality and feel that it forms a major part of their identity. Losing your hair can mean a woman feels a sense of losing that identity – which can lead to low self-esteem and even depression.

However, one woman has embraced her hair loss and joined forces with Alopecia UK and four other brave sufferers to bring female hair loss into the spotlight by appearing on the BBC’s Eggheads and challenging the team of boffins to win money – which will go towards the charity that supports those suffering with hair loss all over the country.

Stepping from the shadows in to the light

Victoria Petkovic-Short began losing her luscious brunette hair at the tender age of 21. It began with small bald patches, roughly the size of a 5pence coin, and eventually led to her feeling as though she looked like Gollum, with most of her hair disappearing in just 9 months. In the end, Victoria took control and pulled the last few remaining strands of hair out herself, in an attempt to regain control of a situation in which she had been feeling helpless.

Victoria, of Benhall, Gloucestershire, said: “My hair was pretty much perfect. It was brunette and wavy, and the sort of hair that I would brush in the morning and it would look fine. I took it for granted until I started losing it, and then I became completely obsessed by it. When you lose some part of you, you start to question yourself. My hair was a part of my identity – but now I’ve just found a different part of my identity.”

After becoming involved with Alopecia UK five years ago, Victoria is taking her charity work to the next level to appear on Eggheads with a team of women who all suffer extreme hair loss. They aim is not only to win and raise money for the charity but to also educate and raise awareness in the hope that fellow female hair loss sufferers can gain more confidence regarding their condition.

It’s not easy

While Victoria has now embraced her hair loss, this wasn’t always the case. Women who lose their hair can often feel too self-conscious to go out and take part in activities that they previously loved. Victoria now wears her baldhead with pride but often dons a wig to match an outfit, the way you may pick a matching pair of shoes or handbag.

Victoria’s alopecia is very severe and has resulted in full hair loss, but not all alopecia cases are this severe – with many women experiencing numerous bald patches instead. In this case, you may not want to take the leap of shaving the rest of your hair but instead opt to cover the bald patches. Alopecia is something you don’t have to simply put up with.

The Wimpole Clinic are experts in hair transplants and this procedure can help to fill in bald patches caused by alopecia. Hair follicles are implanted in to the area in which they have fallen out to allow for new hair growth resulting in a flawless finish. Get in touch with us today to speak to one of our dedicated and specialist team who will be able to arrange an appointment to discuss your hair loss and exactly what we can do to help.

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