Why Eyebrow Transplants Are More Popular Than Ever Why Eyebrow Transplants Are More Popular Than Ever

The world of hair transplants has evolved immensely over the past few decades to deliver highly effective hair transplant solutions that not only focus on the scalp, but other areas such as beards and eyebrows too. And interestingly enough the number of people opting to have eyebrow transplants is rapidly on the rise and is now more popular than ever. Also interestingly enough, it isn’t just women who are opting for the procedure, but men too.

If you consider the role of the eyebrows, they help us to express our emotions more effectively; framing and accentuating facial features without us even realising. Therefore when a person has thin, patchy or no eyebrows at all, their physical appearance and expressions can be noticeably altered.

The lasting effect

Not everyone is lucky enough to be born with thick, full or shapely eyebrows, therefore many people will to look to the help of pencils, tweezers, waxing and dying to achieve the shape and brow appearance they desire. But these treatments can only do so much for light or fine haired individuals or those who have suffered extreme hair loss in their eyebrows from over-plucking, chemotherapy or other chemical treatments, scarring or a other conditions where the hair has come out. Generally these treatments only offer temporary solutions, whereas hair transplants will last a lifetime – helping to make them a more popular and effective solution.

Increased awareness of a solution

Team that with an increased awareness of hair transplants, including eyebrow implants and it’s no wonder that more and more people are using the treatment. It seems that the increased coverage for hair transplants in general in the media has all worked to raise the profile of hair transplants, not just in the UK but also in America. Therefore, anyone who is suffering from hair loss in their eyebrows, whether it’s through over-plucking, a medical condition, self-harming conditions like trichotillomania or the effects of radiotherapy or chemotherapy treatments, now knows there is a well-documented and proven solution to restoring a natural, thick brow.

The latest trends

Some of the rise in popularity has to also be attributed to the latest fashion trends when it comes to facial hair and make-up. It seems that the clean-shaven, manicured look with slim, shapely brows is gone, with more women and men, leaning towards a thicker, more natural looking brow line. Gone are the skinny brows of the 90s and 00s; now it’s all about thickness to give a dramatic look.

More emphasis on personal grooming in both sexes

Furthermore, in recent years there has been a much bigger emphasis on personal grooming with people from all walks of life and in both sexes. It is now almost the norm for individuals to go to great lengths to look their best physically, which with regards to facial hair can involve plucking, dying and waxing their bodies to excess. As a result in some extreme cases this has left people with little or no eyebrows, which is a permanent result of over-plucking hairs and have a considerable impact on a person’s self-esteem and physical appearance.

At the Wimpole Clinic, we offer expert eyebrow transplant treatments that will help to give patients a thick, natural looking brow that makes a big difference to their face, and their confidence too.

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