Eyebrow Transplants – Facial Hair Treatment Isn’t Just For Men Eyebrow Transplants – Facial Hair Treatment Isn’t Just For Men

The notion of facial hair transplants or treatment is not a new one, and for some time men have been relying on this method to help them grow a healthy beard and moustache. Just as we can treat the head with hair transplants when hair loss occurs, we can also ensure you have the facial hair you desire. More recently, in addition to restoring the beard and moustache for men, women are able to take advantage of facial hair treatment as well, thanks to eyebrow transplants.

Why Eyebrows?

The eyebrows have become a bone of contention for many women, and oftentimes years of over plucking and waxing leaves the eyebrow very thin and scraggly, sometimes even essentially non-existent. While sparse and minimal eyebrows may have been a trend in the past, it certainly isn’t becoming and doesn’t follow the modern “in” look of a thicker, natural brow line. When over-plucking has left you without a natural looking eyebrow, or you are facing some other condition that leaves you without the hair you want, it is important to understand that eyebrow transplants can be just the solution you have been looking for.

Suitable Candidates

No matter what state your eyebrows are in, eyebrow transplantation is a viable solution that provides permanency and allows you to leave expensive at home treatments and makeup in the cosmetic drawer where they belong. Eyebrow transplants are suitable for people with varying degrees of hair loss, ranging from a full restoration of over 200 implants to create a beautiful brow where genetics has failed or disease has caused damage, to filling in sparse or patchy hairs, or even just touch up work to make subtle changes, shaping and enhancing the brow line as needed.

The Procedure

Your eyebrow transplant will be carried out by a skilled professional with expert knowledge in both hair loss and the medical procedures to correct hair loss. An eyebrow transplant is a relatively simple treatment and does not require any extended hospital stay, requiring only a local anaesthetic to complete.

A typical eyebrow consists of anywhere from 250 to 400 hairs in order to appear natural and full, varying slightly depending on the desired result and the overall look of the brow.

The process requires each individual hair to be surgically implanted one at a time, taking the time to ensure they are transplanted in the proper position, lying flat against the skin and in the same direction as the other hairs. Donor follicles are retrieved using tiny needles to ensure no scarring or damage occurs, typically from an area behind the ear, and the process is painstaking and labour intensive as each hair is removed and transplanted one at a time. The local anaesthetic ensures that there is no discomfort throughout the procedure and when complete you are able to go home to recover comfortably on your own.

After the procedure there may be some slight bruising or tenderness, but you will immediately see a difference in the shape and density of the brow. The final results, however, do take some time to be realised. The newly grafted hairs will fall out shortly after the procedure, but new hairs will continue growing in their place. Full results can be seen within 12 months of the procedure and regular maintenance will be required, as the hair will continue to grow.

If you’re concerned about the condition of your brows and feel you could benefit from an eyebrow transplant, then why not book a consultation at The Wimpole Clinic, where our experienced professionals will be glad to craft the brows you crave.

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