Eyebrow Restoration

Eyebrows that are very sparse from plucking or fine, thinning eyebrows will benefit from eyebrow restoration. Rather than filling in with an eyebrow pencil there are two, more permanent, courses of action available to help address the problem; tattooing – this is only a semi-permanent solution that can look unnatural and needs re-doing regularly or an eyebrow transplant – by using your own hair to restore lost brows it gives a completely natural look and is permanent.

How It’s Done

An eyebrow hair replacement is an extremely delicate procedure that requires a significant amount of skill and experience to perform properly. Individual hairs are taken from the back of the scalp – as this is the most natural and closest match to eyebrow hair – and carefully angled with painstaking precision, in order mimic naturally occurring eyebrow growth. Usually, only one eyebrow restoration procedure is needed and anything up to 400 hairs can be placed into each brow. Men as well as women can benefit from this procedure.
It is virtually painless and recovery is relatively short. Eyebrows will need to be trimmed regularly but you will have permanent eyebrows that will restore a more youthful and well-groomed appearance.

The Wimpole Clinic offers FUE Hair, Beard & Eyebrow Transplants, PRP & Trichology. Talk to a specialist ☎ 020 7935 1861.

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