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Beard Transplant Timeline – Recovery, Aftercare And Results

From George Clooney to Jason Momoa, the rise of beards on the red carpet has had a knock-on effect in the ‘real world’, bringing facial hair back into fashion in a big way. But, unfortunately, not everyone can grow a full beard. In fact, we’ve discovered that 45% of men have some sort of problem with growing one, whether that’s having a patchy beard or none at all. Taking this all into account, it’s no surprise that beard transplants are on the rise. 

If you’re considering getting a beard transplant, we recommend that you read up fully on the treatment before going ahead with it – just like any medical procedure. One thing that’s very important to know is the timeline of a beard hair transplant, and we’ve got the rundown you need straight from our experts. 

A Broad Look

Your entire beard journey consists of three stages; pre-transplant, the actual transplant, and post-transplant. Altogether, you can expect your timeline to last for about a year. It sounds like a long time, but don’t worry; after the first few weeks post-surgery, you won’t notice much other than your beard slowly growing in. But to ease your mind, we’ve put together a breakdown of everything you can expect.
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Before your transplant, you’ll have a consultation to go over the procedure and make sure you’re comfortable with it. Once the doctor gives you the go-ahead, there is some preparation you’ll have to do from home. This includes not taking any aspirin (or medications that contain aspirin) 10 days before the transplant, and you also shouldn’t take anti-inflammatory medicine or consume alcohol in the 3 days leading up to your procedure. For faster healing, we recommend taking a daily vitamin C tablets in the week before your transplant, too. 

The Beard Hair Transplant

The length of your transplant is going to vary depending on a couple of factors, including the size of the area we’ll be working on. On average, though, you can expect the entire process to take the same time as a hair transplant and no overnight stay is required.


The longest part of your beard journey will be after your transplant as the hair follicles take root and start to grow. In the next 3 weeks, you’ll have a lot of healing going on and the beard hair now on your face will shed. Don’t worry though, this is totally normal. After some weeks (the duration will be decided with your surgeon), you should be able to start shaving again as normal, although at this time don’t expect to see a full, thick beard growing – it takes a little longer than that.

Your beard transplant will actually take between 3-12 months to kick in. There are plenty of follow up review appointments to make sure all is on track and you are keeping up with the proper maintenance and aftercare given by the clinic, as this really is the key to a successful transplant.

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If you think it’s about time you grow a full beard, get in touch with our team at the Wimpole Hair Transplant Clinic today. We have conducted successful beard transplants for many years and since 1975 specialising in all hair transplants.  We can help talk through any anxieties and help answer your questions, letting you work out for yourself whether this is the right option for you.

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