7 Facts About Beard Transplants

7 facts about beard transplants

When you think about hair transplant, the automatic image that springs to mind is a receding hairline but science has now advanced to being able to carry out other types of follicular transplant too.

As well as on the top of the head, it’s possible to have a transplant in the eyebrows and the beard too. In fact, beard transplants have rocketed in popularity and are now an extremely common request at private clinics.
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If you’ve never considered a beard transplant but the idea intrigues you, here are seven must-know facts about the process.

1)You can pick your style

Beard transplants may be more associated with a goatee style, but you can choose the type of beard that you want before you go ahead with your transplant.

If you’ve always craved a larger and thicker beard but have been plagued by bare patches, your dream could become a reality with the help of a transplant.

When you see the surgeon, you’ll have a discussion about the type of beard you want and you’ll be given an idea about whether it’s possible and how much it will cost.

2) The transplant will be up to 3000 grafts

Although it’s possible to create a full beard with a transplant, as well as a goatee, the bigger the beard, the more grafts which will be required to achieve the look.

For a goatee, just 1200-1500 grafts will be required, far less than for a full beard, which will require 2500-3000 grafts.

3) Your transplanted hair will fall out quickly

After the beard transplant takes place, you may be happy with the results but they won’t last long, as these transplanted hairs will soon fall out. If you’re not expecting it, this may come as a bit of a shock.

But this shedding of hair won’t affect the final result, and new hairs will quickly grow as a replacement. These will be your own new hairs which can be treated just like any other part of your beard once they’ve started to grow back.

4) You can treat it like normal

Once your new hair in your beard has started to grow back, you might feel nervous about shaving or cutting it, for fear of doing damage.

However, after a couple of months you can treat your new hair in exactly the same way and can trim or shave it in the same way that you would do with your regular beard hair.

5) The donor hairs come from the scalp

The hairs on the head are a very similar texture to those which grow in the beard area which makes them the ideal candidates for implantation.

Live follicles are removed in tiny patches from the head and meticulously transplanted into the beard area. There’s no risk of being left with a bald patch on the head as the surrounding hairs will more than compensate for those removed.

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6) The process can take up to four hours

The exact length of time taken to complete the transplant will vary between individuals depending on the size of the beard which is being created.

However, on average a beard transplant will take between 2 and 4 hours to complete. Some beard transplants require a second treatment session, but many can be completed within just one appointment.

Each live follicle is implanted individually and painstakingly by the surgeon, being removed from the donor site and transplanted into the beard area one at a time.

7) Beard transplants are incredibly popular

The ability to improve hair growth in the beard area has proven to be incredibly popular with more than 4500 men in the UK every year undergoing the treatment.

Beard transplants are three times more popular than having a nose job, with nearly half of all men reporting patchy or bald patches with their facial hair.

The process is carried out under a local anaesthetic and is only minimally invasive and low risk.


Beard transplants are a very popular procedure and once the hair regrows, the results are natural and permanent. Beards of all kinds are becoming increasingly desirable but almost half of all men struggle to grow one: beard transplants offer a permanent solution and an easy way for men to get the beard of their dreams.

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