Dr Luciano Sciacca (GMC Number: 6059223) is a specialist in FUT and FUE Hair Transplant in London. Dr Luciano is a General Medical Council registered specialist in Vascular Surgery.

Prior to working as a hair restoration surgeon, Dr Luciano has been serving as General and Vascular Surgeon in several hospitals in the UK, USA and Italy. While in United States, Dr Luciano worked closely and trained under with Dr Mark DiStefano who has been recognized as one of the World’s best hair restoration surgeons.

Under Dr DiStefano’s mentorship, Dr Luciano learned the best hair transplant techniques available (FUE, FUT, Scar review, Frechet, Triple flap) and has successfully performed numerous hair restoration procedures.

Dr. Luciano joined DiStefano because they originated the Individual Graft Technique™ (IGT) and because Dr. DiStefano’s capabilities as a highly acclaimed hair restoration surgeon. IGT hair transplant techniques are superior to other techniques of follicular unit extraction (FUE) because of the unique instruments and special procedures that don’t dry out the hair follicle during removal. This allows the follicle to retain better viability which results in more follicles surviving transplantation.

Dr Luciano has dedicated himself to provide state of the art services in the field of Aesthetic Plastic surgery with special emphasis on Hair Transplant Surgery.