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Why Lockdown May Actually Be Good News for Your Hairline

While people around the world are adjusting to the realities of life in the midst of a pandemic, there are many who are finding new opportunities and positive benefits of the social restrictions and lockdown laws. 

One of these is the potential to use the lockdown period in a productive way, taking the opportunity to do things that we don’t normally have the time to do, and to take advantage of the extended periods at home. 

If you have previously been considering a hair transplant, you might find that lockdown could actually be a great opportunity to deal with your hair loss issues, with more convenience and discretion than would normally be possible. 

Here are four ways that lockdown may actually be good news for you and your hairline

Recover in private

With many people having to stay home and work from home, this is the perfect time to recover ‘in private’ from a procedure such as a hair transplant. 

One of the big advantages of lockdown is the chance to recuperate in the privacy of your home for a longer period than would normally be possible, without using up a large chunk of your holiday entitlement. The restrictions can work in your favour as they mean you have to connect with people remotely, which can be less of an ordeal than facing people immediately after a surgery if you think you might feel self-conscious of your appearance.  

Increased health & safety

Although most hair clinics had been forced to close during the earlier days of the pandemic, there are now a number of clinics that have worked tirelessly to become even more safety-conscious and hygienic than ever before. 

For the top surgeons and clinics, the health and wellbeing of patients has always been a high priority, but with the increased concerns over transmission, these strict safety standards that govern surgical procedures and theatre operations have been taken much further, with new measures being introduced that increase the protection of both patients and staff. 

New health and safety measures such as full PPE and best healthcare practices will ensure that your lockdown hair transplant is completely safe. 

Mental Health & Wellness

Hair loss can be a distressing issue at any time, and it’s been widely reported that lockdown also has repercussions for mental health. So, one way to reduce any potential distress is to use this time to seek support for your hair loss with a qualified expert. Using the extra time available during lockdown to explore the best options for treating your hair loss could provide a much-needed psychological boost during a potentially challenging time. 

Lockdown may also offer you the opportunity to opt for a hair transplant by removing or reducing some of the issues that have prevented you going ahead with one in the past. The prolonged periods of being at home also offer a chance to take better care of your general health and overall wellbeing, both physical and psychological, which in themselves can aid a swift and effective recovery. 

More convenience

One of the ways clinics are helping to support social distancing is to hold consultations remotely. Thanks to modern technology, surgeons can now consult with patients via video. This service is not only safer during the current climate, but also more cost-effective and less time-consuming. 

While this was possible in the past, it was not always available in all clinics. So if you prefer the convenience of remote consultations, lockdown may allow you to choose this option at your preferred hair clinic.  

What else are you going to do in lockdown?!

Talk show host and comedian Jimmy Carr has previously been very open about his hair transplant experience. He shared details of a number of recent cosmetic enhancements, saying, “What else are you going to do in Lockdown?”

Although his remark was meant as a joke, it raises an interesting point, because lockdown boredom can be a real problem for people who aren’t used to spending so much time at home. Having a project to focus on – such as the preparation and aftercare of a hair transplant – can be a positive and productive way to make the best of a difficult situation. 

Now that hair clinics are open for business and operating safely, you might find that lockdown is the perfect opportunity for you to schedule that hair transplant you’ve been considering. Then, when it’s finally time to resume normal work life and social activities after the restrictions are lifted, you will be fully recovered and free to enjoy your results and show off that impressive new hairline. See the results of Jimmy Carr’s hair transplant — and take a look at some other famous celebrity hair transformations:

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