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Advances in eyebrow restoration surgery

Technical advances in eyebrow hair replacement  allow partial or complete eyebrow loss to be successfully treated – from completely denuded (bare) brows to patchy or partial eyebrows; from eyebrow damage resulting from tattoos to missing sections of eyebrow due to scars.

As we age our eyebrows also descend closer to the eye, they naturally thin over time. One of the best ways to achieve is to undergo an eyebrow restoration surgery to obtain that youthful look is with fuller, stronger brows. If yours are looking sparse or have suffered from over plucking then eyebrow restoration surgery may be the recreating a natural look. The eyebrows look great right away and although the newly transplanted hair falls out in about three weeks after the eyebrow transplant, they regrow in 6-12 weeks. The Wimpole Clinic performs at least three procedures a week and the surgery is getting ever more popular for both men and women.

Enhance your youthful look with eyebrow transplant

A fuller brow is always the most flattering and stands the test of time. Darker, more natural brows create the perfect look.

Eyebrows and eyes accent the face and contribute to attractiveness, even an ageing Sean Connery is deemed very good looking and youthful mostly because if his darker, bold and more natural eyebrows.

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