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Research reveals Men prize their Hair more than their Memory

A new study has shown that although they may not particularly want to part with either, when it comes to a choice between losing their hair or their memory, men would rather do without the latter.

Hair loss can be attributed to many causes and affect women too, but men are far more likely to have to face up to the possibility of losing their luscious locks.

Research has shown that loss of hair can have a devastating impact on a man’s confidence and self-esteem, which explains the rocketing popularity of hair transplants. Here’s a closer look at the effect losing their hair can have on a man.

Major concern for men

Up to eight out of ten men will suffer from some degree of male pattern baldness during their lifetime, but despite this, many men still describe feelings of acute embarrassment and a lack of confidence when faced with losing their hair.

In one particular study, nearly half of the men who currently still had a head of hair said they were worried about the impact that going bald would have on the way they look, specifically about whether it would make them look older than their years.

Participants described a fear of losing their hair as amongst the worst things a man could suffer, with baldness ranking as worse than impotence, wrinkles or loss of memory.

Around one in three men who have suffered from hair loss say they have had to endure jokes about their baldness, one in five said others thought they were older than their true age while more than one in ten said they felt less attractive than when they had a full head of hair.

Attitude from women

Despite the crippling insecurities than many men suffer when faced with hair loss, women don’t have the same attitude towards a bald men.

More than half of men questioned said that women would find a bald man less attractive but in reality, only 13% of women said they would be bothered if their partner lost their hair.

A survey carried out by Psychology Today showed that hair had less of an impact on women than men predicted, with personality far outstripping physical attributes such as baldness when asked to rank them in order of priority.

Self-confidence was identified as the most important factor when attracting the opposite sex, so although hair loss doesn’t affect a man’s appeal directly, the subsequent loss of confidence could dent his success.

A treatable condition

With around 6.5 million men in the UK affected by male pattern hair loss, it’s a condition which is very common, and also usually treatable.

But despite this, many men have never sought professional advice or treatment for their loss of hair.

Out of those suffering from hair loss who took part in the study, just 4% said they had sought help from either their doctor or a professional such as a dermatologist or trichologist.

Hair loss can be attributed to different causes so it’s vital to seek expert advice before attempting to treat baldness, loss or thinning at home. There are however a range of extremely effective treatments for hair loss, as well as transplant surgery for those who haven’t sought help at an early stage.

Hair loss treatment is often permanent, and the sooner you address any issues, the easier and more effective a course of treatment is likely to be. If you’ve noticed hair loss, it’s never too soon to seek professional help.


Although much has been written on the subject of loss of confidence in women suffering with hair loss, the truth is that many men are affected too. Going bald can be extremely distressing for many men, primarily because of their own body image and the way it makes them feel, rather than any external perception. If this is the case, seeking expert advice and help could reverse the effects, restoring not just a full head of hair, but confidence levels too.

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