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New study shows key nutrients slow hair loss in women

The American Hair Loss Association has released results from a study looking at hair loss in women, which seems to show that hair loss can be reduced by consuming a few key nutrients daily. The study found that women who took these nutrients had significantly slower rates of hair thinning and hair loss than those in a control group who did not take the supplements.

While hair loss is not considered a medical problem, it have has serious psychological, and often physiological, implications. Around 40% of women will be affected by hair loss with that figure rising to almost 50% of women once over 50 years of age. Treatments for hair loss are deemed to be only effective in some cases, with hair transplants being the only permanent solution to hair loss. However, this study from the American Hair Loss Association suggests a way in which women can slow the rate of their hair loss and keep hold of their tresses for that bit longer.

The key nutrients

The study used a sample of 80 women, half pre-menopausal and half post-menopausal, and compared their results to a control group of 40, again split 50/50 in terms of whether they had reached the menopause. The sample were given a daily supplement consisting of 460 mg fish oil, 460 mg black currant seed oil (rich in gamma-linolenic acid, a beneficial omega-6 fatty acid), 5 mg vitamin E, 30 mg vitamin C, and 1 mg lycopene. They took this supplement for 6 months and all the women in the study used a neutral shampoo in that time.

89.9% of the women who took the supplement reported a reduction in hair loss showing the benefits the nutrients had on their hair health. A further 86% reported an improvement in hair diameter and 87% reported that their hair density had improved. These reports were backed up by scientifically measured results showing an overall increase in hair diameter and density in those who had taken the supplement.

What it all means

The new study offers us an insight into how to help women care for their hair and the effects key nutrients can have in slowing hair loss and improving hair health. While hair loss is inventible with age, knowing how certain vitamin and nutrients can keep that progression at bay and slow it’s progress will lead to further study in the area in the hope of eradicating hair loss altogether.

Until that time, treatments and advice remain the same. Eating a healthy and balanced diet, rich in nutrients and antioxidants, can keep hair healthy and hair loss to a minimum for as long as possible. The Wimpole Clinic offer a superb trichology service in which our hair experts can offer tailored advice on how to keep your hair at its best. If hair loss has already occurred, we can also offer hair transplant procedures to give you back what’s been lost, so whatever stage of hair loss you’re experiencing, why not get in touch today to arrange an appointment with one of our renowned specialists to discuss how to keep your hair looking and feeling its best.

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