How to give your hair a no-hassle beauty treatment for overnight success
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How to give your hair a no-hassle beauty treatment for overnight success

Much has been written on the importance of lifestyle on beauty, and that includes the quality of your hair.Luscious locks don’t happen by accident, and it’s essential that you eat a good diet and get enough sleep if you want your hair to be thick, glossy and healthy-looking.However, there are some other top tips which can give your hair quite literally an overnight beauty boost.

Don’t tie back wet hair

If you’re in a rush to wash and go, tying back your hair might seem the obvious solution when you just don’t have time to dry it. However, haircare experts say that if you put wet hair into a ponytail, you could end up causing serious damage. When hair is wet it can stretch up to a third of its original length, and this can cause breakages and splitting. Damp hair is OK, but make sure you give it a thorough working over to remove as much moisture as you can before whipping it back. Some people find tying their hair back before going to sleep stops it becoming flyaway and static. It’s not always a great idea but if you must do it, use a velour scrunchy rather than a conventional band as it’s much kinder on your tresses.

Skip the 100 strokes

In days of yore, girls were often told to brush their hair 100 times before bedtime to keep it looking glossy, but this has since been shown to actually be detrimental.
Steer clear of metal brushes (use a paddle brush for best results) and simply brush through your hair until it’s clear of any tangles. Over brushing your hair won’t provide you with a much-wanted shine, instead you’ll just end up with broken and damaged strands. Keep the brushing to the minimum possible and you’ll protect your hair far more effectively.

Plait your hair at night

Tossing and turning at night can cause unwanted friction, leading to not just static, flyaway hair in the morning but knots and tangles too. These can often be difficult to tease out and can cause damage and breakages. If you plait your hair before going to sleep, you’ll protect your locks from any dreamtime damage, and as an added bonus, you’ll wake up with a soft bounce and curl in your tresses too.

Never pluck

Most people experience unwanted grey hairs at some point in their lives, but plucking out the silvery strands is never the solution. Not only will it not prevent grey hairs from appearing but it could lead to much more severe conditions due to damage to the hair follicle. This leads to patchy hair growth and thinning, which looks far worse than the occasional silver hair.

Silk pillow

The jury’s out on whether there’s any real science behind this suggestion, but many people swear by switching their cotton pillowcase to one made from real silk. A natural all-silk pillow case is much gentler on the skin and hair, and as well as helping your complexion to avoid those tell-tale morning creases, hair should be smoother and less flyaway too.


No-one is suggesting that you should simply put up with grey hair or should totally avoid tying back your locks in a convenient ponytail. However, hair follicles are fragile and can easily be damaged by rough treatment. Remember this and make sure you minimise pulling and stress on the roots and you could have a hairstyle which glows with health from the roots to the very tips.

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