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Bad hair for charity: GOSH’s HAIRraising continues

Great Ormond Street Hospital meets fundraising targets with the help of hair salons and bad hair days

Growing, cutting or styling one’s locks or facial hair in a particular fashion has always been a popular way to raise funds for charity. Apart from helping a worthy cause, we reckon that the appeal for so many wannabe active fundraisers may well be that a) anyone can easily participate and b) it’s an excuse to do something crazy with your hair or beard and blame charity if it looks awful! Either way it clearly works as earlier this year Great Ormond Street Hospital raised a million towards building a new respiratory unit by getting employees of big London corporates to organise a ‘bad hair day’ for charity featuring crazy hair-styles from across the decades.

Well done to Great Ormond Street Hospital fundraising !

Other hairy fundraising:


A massive hit with the mostly male-dominated city offices and perhaps less so with their WAGS is the Movember charitable event (every November) which results in huge funds being raised towards awareness and treatment of men’s health issues through participants growing a moustache and visually documenting their experience online and elsewhere. As we well know, the act of growing a moustache can raise significant concerns among men since some of them can become the butt of jokes by being unable to grow one. We say it’s the effort that counts!

Head shaving

Head-shaving is another popular charitable past-time that many we’re sure would argue is far more demanding than growing a moustache since many of the participants are women! World’s Greatest Shave is one organisation who recently completed their annual fundraiser which encourages people to shave their heads for charity. Your commitment to the cause is surely no more recognised than through active hair loss!

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