Hair restoration shame: the stigma of opting for full hair?
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Hair restoration shame: the stigma of opting for full hair?

Let’s be honest, the pressure on men to have ‘great hair’ has significantly increased over the last few years. Leto-long hair, hipster hair, teddy-boy hair, Clooney hair, Beckham hair; it doesn’t matter what your style you just need good hair and plenty of it. Why is it then that there’s still such a stigma around hair transplant procedures? Hair replacement procedures have come a long way since harsh-looking hair plugs but it seems many men would rather stay bald and resignedly unconfident than have a simple procedure which restores permanent hair growth. It is also often ignored that there are non-invasive options available which don’t involve visiting a salon or pamper parlour.

The hair transplant stigma

It’s a fine balance isn’t it? Men feel judged for losing their hair (male pattern baldness), a development unfortunately completely out of their control and yet when they opt for hair restoration they feel they’ll get shamed by others. We came across a recent Daily Mail article ridiculing Gordon Ramsey (ok, the hair arrangement that night was a little bizarre) for images taken potentially showing evidence of a hair transplant procedure (most likely a stage of a hair transplant procedure than the full result!). The writer, Andrew Pierce, a balding man himself claims he would rather stay barren than get a hair transplant due to fears that he’ll look like the crazed swearing Hell’s Kitchen chef.

The writer also suggests that the reason why he himself wouldn’t opt for a hair transplant is because it’s ‘painful’ and ‘unnatural-looking,’ neither of which is true. Well, unless the patient has woken up in the 1970s. Hair transplants are almost completely pain-free with most clients lying down comfortably throughout the procedure. So what would have more men opting for hair restoration procedures?

No-shave FUE hair restoration method

The latest hair restoration technology has made strange and unnatural-looking hair crops a thing of the now even distant past. With Follicular Unit Excision (FUE), hair transplants for a wide range of patients can be performed without shaving any area of the head, meaning there’s no visible evidence of the procedure.

Hair is taken from the same donor area at the back of the scalp however it is taken in such a way that the existing hair will disguise the area of extraction. The patient can therefore return to a normal routine with very little down time and family, colleagues or friends will be none the wiser because the donor site will not show any tell-tale signs of extraction.

Non-invasive, effective hair restoration options

Hair transplant surgery is not the only effective option for hair restoration. Whatever your feelings are about your hair loss or having a hair transplant procedure, we always suggest speaking to a professional and having a thorough hair assessment before making a decision.

One of the main reasons our team at The Wimpole Clinic struggle to get before-and-after pictures for our website gallery is that, without photo documentation, very few of our clients’ partners, friends and relatives would have any idea that they’d had a procedure! The procedure is fast and skilled and the results are completely natural-looking. If you would like to know how hair restoration, either the surgical or non-invasive options could work for you without embarrassing cover-ups and awkward conversations, get in touch with The Wimpole Clinic for a free no-obligation hair restoration consultation with one of our specialists.

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