Hair loss treatments becoming ever more popular

Recent trends are showing a huge increase in the amount of people looking to treat their hair loss – a trend that is forecast to continue over the next few years.
Increasingly poor diets, high levels of stress and the ever present pressure to look good is leading more and more hair loss sufferers to seek help and treatment. Hair loss has always been viewed as an embarrassing problem that many have shied away from. With a social stigma attached to it for both men and women, many sufferers have simply tried to cover up their hair loss rather than admitting to it and seeking out treatment.

However, times have changed and continue to do so. Advancements in technology and treatments becoming much more accessible have made getting hair loss symptoms treated or even reversed much more of a reality for many more sufferers.

Treatment spreading across the globe

Hair loss treatment has always been popular in western countries such as the USA and Europe. This may be due to the fact that the amount of money spent on health care is much higher than in developing regions, but it can also be reliant upon the West’s preoccupation with appearance and the importance placed upon it. Trends suggest that hair loss treatment will continue to be popular in these countries but other regions are beginning to encroach on their domination of the hair loss treatment market.

Rapidly developing regions are beginning to see more investment in health care sectors as well as experiencing increased levels of disposable income amongst the population. Areas such as Asia, India and the United Arab Emirates are all beginning to see an increase in the amount of men and women seeking advice and treatment for hair loss conditions such as alopecia and age related hair loss. Clinics in the United Arab Emirates are seeing an especially sharp increase in those seeking hair loss treatments and are even expected to equal the US, if not over take them, in regards to the popularity of the treatment. Hair loss is expected to become an increasingly common problem across the world due to poor diets, lack of exercise and increasing levels of stress brought on by lifestyle, work and worries.

The benefits of the trends

One thing the recent trends show us is that it is becoming increasingly more acceptable to seek treatment for hair loss. The stigma that traditionally surrounded hair loss for men and women is slowly dissipating making it more acceptable to talk about hair loss and seek treatment. This will allow many sufferers to come from the shadows and no longer feel ashamed at admitting their problem.

Here at The Wimpole Clinic we are more than happy to see the growing trend in people seeking treatment for hair loss. We are extremely proud to help our clients overcome any embarrassment or discomfort they feel due to hair loss and come out of treatment looking, and more importantly feeling, like a new person. Join in with the over 800,000 people worldwide currently seeking hair loss treatment and get in touch with our team today.

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