Eyebrow hair replacement

Eyebrows frame the face adding expression and depth and can dramatically emphasize the eyes. For women whose eyebrows start thinning, knowing where to turn for help or to find the best solution can be difficult.

Women will research and find that there are endless tips on grooming and refining the shape but will find very little advice to restore naturally sparse, over-plucked or denuded brows. Total loss can occur through alopecia or cancer.

Often the first temporary solution will be to use eyebrow pencils but as this requires daily application the next step is semi-permanent make-up or tattooing. None of these solutions can reproduce or replicate completely natural looking eyebrows.

Eyebrow transplant surgery process

Great strides have been made in the science of eyebrow restoration surgery over the years and it is now possible to restore all or part of the eyebrow. Tiny single hair units are taken from a donor area at the back of her head. These are then transplanted to the eyebrow area. The eyebrow hair replacement  technique is so precise that we can replicate the orientation and shape of the eyebrow at microscopic levels. The transplanted hair grows slowly over time and is fully grown by six months to natural looking eyebrows. As the transplanted hair will continue to grow, over time the eyebrows will need to be trimmed regularly to maintain their perfect shape.

One glance at the perfectly defined natural looking eyebrows of Cheryl Cole or the strong shape of Elizabeth Taylor’s eyebrows shows that eyebrows complete a perfectly groomed, fresh and youthful appearance.

When you visit the The Wimpole Clinic for your eyebrow transplant consultation bring along a photograph of the look you want to achieve through eyebrow hair transplant. The end result of eyebrow restoration is incredibly realistic and natural looking eyebrows – and the result for clients who have lost their eyebrows hair, for whatever reason, is overwhelming.

Eyebrow restoration procedure starts at £3500.

The Wimpole Clinic offers FUE Hair, Beard & Eyebrow Transplants, PRP & Trichology. Talk to a specialist ☎ 020 7935 1861.

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