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Expert Advice on Why You Should Get Help ASAP for Your Hair Loss

Hair transplants are becoming increasingly common, no doubt due to their high success rates and impressive results. And while the procedure itself has been refined and streamlined in recent years, making it simpler, safer and even more effective, it is still a type of surgery. So, it makes sense to give careful consideration as to whether this approach might be the best way to tackle your hair loss issues. 

But while a degree of research and due diligence is wise when it comes to any type of medical procedure, the Wimpole Clinic’s Medical Director and Principal Surgeon, Dr Michael May, suggests it can also be beneficial to explore this option sooner rather than later. 

In some cases, hair loss can become so advanced that a hair transplant is no longer a viable option. So, it is possible to leave it too late to take advantage of this highly popular and effective procedure.

Equally, there may be occasions when someone is not a suitable candidate for a hair transplant (here are some reasons why you might get rejected). If this is the case, it would be better to find out sooner, so that you can more easily make a decision about any alternative approaches that might be more suitable for you. 

There are occasions when a surgeon might recommend delaying a hair transplant, for example, if your hair loss pattern is not yet established, or you are deemed to be too young. However, even in these cases, being informed about your options – in advance – can help you to plan ahead and ensure that you do get expert help at the right time in the future. It might also enable you to explore some alternative or preventative approaches in the meantime. 

An initial consultation with a hair loss expert is usually provided free of charge, and at the best hair clinics, you will receive an honest appraisal of which plan of treatment would be the most appropriate for you. Your consultant will explain the range of options that are available to you, both now and in the future, as well as advise you on the best time to pursue certain options. 

In addition to planning your treatments and options, you will also benefit from the consultant’s many years of expertise and experience, most likely receiving valuable advice on how to prevent or reduce further hair loss. For anyone struggling with the potential distress of thinning hair, bald patches or a receding hairline, this kind of priceless information can’t come soon enough. 

Dr May encourages anyone suffering from hair loss to seek help as soon as possible.

One of the known contributing factors for hair loss is stress – something that can actually be a result of worrying about your hair or your appearance. You might find that simply consulting an expert and discovering what’s possible helps you to stress less about your hair, which can itself contribute to the solution. 

Whatever the stage of your hair loss – whether you’re just beginning to notice some light thinning, or you’ve decided that you’re ready to address what has been a problem for a while – you stand the best chance of discovering the best options and being able to plan the most effective timeline when you get help and advice from a hair loss expert.

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