Ill Woman & Hair Loss

Do Viruses Cause Hair Loss?

When it comes to hair loss, some of the most commonly known causes are age, genetics, hormones, stress and diet etc... These are the typical factors that can trigger the…

Summer Hair Loss & Shedding

Is It Normal to Lose Hair in the Summer?

Do you notice your hair falling out more in the summer months? You’re not alone. Summer hair loss is a common problem, whilst it can be worrying, it isn’t always…

Man Checking Hair Loss

Best Ways To Combat Hair Loss In 2020

There are a number of ways to approach hair loss issues. The most appropriate remedy will depend on the reasons for the hair loss as well as the type of…

Stressed Woman Worrying About Hair Loss

How to Regain Hair Loss From Stress

High stress levels have become a common feature of everyday life for many of us, affecting both our physical and mental health.  One possible side-effect of stressful events or periods…


The foods that can contribute to hair loss

You may have tried special shampoos, massage and hair thickening treatments but to no avail: your hair loss is either worsening or refusing to improve. Depending on the cause, you…


What causes hair loss?

What causes hair loss? This is a somewhat triggering question. The kind of question which could invite all manner of response: an old wives’ tale, home-remedy-style advice, ancestral prophesising, self-cyber-diagnosis and our favourite,…

Childhood Hair Losses: What Are The Causes?

Childhood Hair Losses: What are the causes?

As with adult hair, children’s hair develops within a natural life cycle. A hair strand tends to grow actively for between two and six years, then the strand enters a resting (Telogen) phase. After about three months, the hair will fall out then a new strand will grow to replace it.

Auto-Immune Diseases and Their Link to Hair Loss

Hair loss can be caused by many things, and although hair loss occurring as a result of genetics is more frequent, it can also be triggered by illness and disease. Auto-immune diseases can have a particularly profound effect on the body, causing not just systemic problems but hair loss too. Here’s a look at auto-immune diseases and some of those which have the ability to cause hair loss.

Hair loss and the menopause

The menopause is a time of great changes in the female body, when hormones change causing a period of adjustment for most women. There are not many women who manage to go through the menopause without experiencing some symptoms, but for some individuals, the signs are more severe. Hair loss isn’t often discussed as one of the biggest problems experienced during the menopause but it’s surprisingly common to a lesser or greater degree. Here we take a closer look at hair loss and the menopause and why it occurs.