What Can I Expect After an Eyebrow Transplant – and how long to see results?

Eyebrow transplantation is becoming ever more popular as technologies progress thus condemning the traditional ‘drawn-on’ brows to the dustbin of yesteryear. For people who have struggled to grow their eyebrows naturally or who have lost them through illness this is a godsend.
So having decided to embark on a transplantation procedure what can you expect after wards?

One-Day Procedure and a Fast Recovery Time

Depending on the thickness of brow that you want the procedure is generally performed in just one day. Because it involves transplanting anything between 100 to several hundred hairs in the brow the procedure is performed using a local anaesthetic to minimise any pain. Following this you will often see some bruising and swelling start to appear over the following few days, including around the eyes, and this is entirely natural and to be expected. You may also see tiny scabs appear around the brows, often within the first 24 hours as the healing process begins.

Some Shedding will Occur

You will see improvements in the shape and thickness of the brow immediately after the procedure giving you an idea of how the end result will look. You will also notice that some of the grafted hairs start to fall out within a couple of weeks following the transplant but this is nothing to be alarmed by. It is a natural part of the healing process and the new hairs will continue to grow.

Help to Care For your New Eyebrows

You will be provided with a complete aftercare kit and with careful and regular use of the products it contains you will be able to continue to look after your new eyebrows as they establish. This is essential to help in the healing and growth stages and to ensure that your new brows stay as luxuriant as you want for as long as possible.
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How Long to see Results

The shape and thickness of your new eyebrows can be seen immediately post-procedure to give you an idea of what the end result will look like. However due to the changes the brows will go through during the healing process you will only start to see the finished result after around 4-6 months or even up to a year in some cases.

The good thing is that you can style and even pluck your brows once they are established and advice will be given on how to maintain them. With an eyebrow transplant from the Wimpole Clinic you could be free from the tyranny of the eyebrow pencil forever.

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