Beard Transplant – Get The Facts

Beard Transplant – Get the Facts

It’s hard not to feel body conscious in a society where style icons, both male and female, look immaculate at all times, which is why many of us look to beauty products and treatments to keep ourselves looking good. However, this isn’t exclusive to women, as it’s no secret that male grooming is on the rise, with many men spending hundreds of pounds a year on skincare products, beauty treatments and cosmetic procedures too. In some instances, men spend more time and money on their appearance than their partners.

Whilst some may view it as vanity, others argue that it’s about improving self-confidence and taking pride in how you look, which is perfectly natural. But in some cases, men are willing to go to great lengths to get the perfect look and undergo surgical procedures and treatments such as beard transplants.

Beard Transplants on the rise

Whilst hair transplants aren’t necessarily a new thing – we all remember Wayne Rooney’s famous hair implants to mask his thinning locks – it seems it’s not just the lack of hair on the top of the head that causes concern for men, as beard transplants are on the rise in the UK.

A staggering 45% men have reported they are unable to grow a full beard, sideburns or experience bald patches in their facial hair. This statistic is really quite significant, when you take a look at the number of men who have actually undergone beard transplants too. Last year alone more than 4,500 men underwent the procedure for beard implants in the UK, which is a staggering figure in itself, but even more astounding when you realise this procedure is three times more popular than nose jobs.

Beard envy is a compelling factor

There are numerous triggers that seem to be making men feel more self-conscious about their facial hair, or lack of, which include the current fashion for stubble or full on beards that’s sweeping the globe. Not only that, but Hollywood celebrities such as Ben Affleck and Hugh Jackman cause much envy with their five o’clock shadows and full beards that they seem to be able to don at the drop of a hat, as well as style icon and England Footballer David Beckham, who is continuously changing his beard style.

As many as 59% of men have been reported to say that a beard makes them more macho, which seems to be spurring on the trend to take the plunge into beard transplants, but interestingly enough for some it isn’t just about themselves, but their job. A paramedic who was blessed with a ‘baby face’ and very little facial hair, actually underwent the procedure for beard implants to instil more trust with his patients. He found that because he looked so young, many patients felt he wasn’t experienced enough to deal with their situation.

How does it work?

For those interested in how the procedure works, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s a fairly straightforward process with minimal downtime. Tiny individual hair follicles are removed in strips from the back of the scalp where the hair is thickest and then transplanted into the bald patches of the beard or sideburns. Once complete, the hair should start to grow immediately with the patient being able to shave after just two weeks.

If you’re suffering from a lack of facial hair and feeling self-conscious, maybe a simple beard transplant could be the answer. If that’s the case, get in touch with us to discuss your options – it could be the start of a brand new you.

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